• High electronic trading rates:
    Allowing to measure the % and conversion rate of your reservations.

  • A great variety of on line sales features and customized settings:
    Sell all your services by combining different sales features on your website.

  • Easy to integrate into any type of technology and/or Hotel or Hotel branch website.

  • Easy to use system for both staff and clients.

  • Intuitive on line booking system:
    Customized microfilter integration that allows clients to check  prices and availibility in just one click.

  • Multilingual system.

  • Alerting/Reporting system:
    Improve your booking engine´s management through our alerting service and customized sales unit report.

  • Real-time booking confirmation notifying both Hotel and client inmediatley.

  • Multi-booking system:
    This system allows combining and booking  multiple packets, offers and any type of extras.
  • Advanced Special offer and discount system:
    The most advanced system in the market for special offers and discount settings.
  • Commercial market functionalities:
    The booking engine with the most advanced functionalities  in both commercial features and business restrictions.
  • Private sales system through your official website:
    Create loyal customers and attract new ones.
  • Publishing Genius:
    Boost your direct marketing campaigns.

  • Channel managers integration:
    Attach your CRS to all your distributors and sales.
  • Booking download:
    Download your reservations from your CRS in the Hotel´s PMS.

  • Google Analytics and Adwords integration:
    Analyze your campaigns ROI.